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In the age of reboots: what TV show would you reboot now?

This has probably been pitched before, but... what say you, O-Deck? Myself, I am in some ways tired of the reboots, mainly because they usually fail to capture what may (or may not) have made the original popular in the first place. I'm leaving this wide open for ANY show, ANY genre, though I expect we'll have plenty of sci-fi, fantasy shows represented.

My vote: Voyagers!

Great concept: really had the potential to be an American Doctor Who, to be honest. I loved Jon-Erik Hexum as Phineas Bogg, and Meeno Peluce as Jeffrey was... annoying as hell, but he grew on me.


I think that, done right, this show could be a killer reboot, with sneaky history lessons wedged in like the original.

Also, had a decent (almost Master-ish) villain named Drake, a Voyager gone bad, devilishly played by actor Stephen Liska:


(nerd trivia: Liska was also in Star Trek II: The Search for Spock, as a member of Klingon Comamder Kruge's bridge crew, named Torg. He's the unlucky one sent to lead a team onto the bridge of Enterprise just in time for it to self-destruct with him and a good number of Klingons on board...)

So let's hear your ideas: per usual, post photos/vids of which shows show get the reboot.

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