Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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(Updated) Chuck Palahniuk decries the lack of books for men in Q&A.

Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club and other popular fare, recently answered a question asked by a fan, on Tumblr.

monumentoursetlist said: I work at my university's bookstore and every semester one of the professors teaches 'Fight Club' and it's so exciting to see boxes of it come in and rather disappointed to see people return their rented copied or sell them back. Once I returned a copy and the student wrote the synopsis of each chapter under the heading and I freaked out. My manager said it was in otherwise fine condition so we couldn't charge her but what spoilers. How do you feel about your work being taught ?

That fact that 'Fight Club' is being taught seems — to me — to underscore the dearth of novels that explore male issues. The past years have given us so many books, from 'The Color Purple' to 'The Joy Luck Club' to 'How to Make an American Quilt,' which depict women in groups and relationship, but almost no books depicting social models for men. That's my two cents worth.


"dearth of novels that explore male issues"? "almost no books depicting social models for men"?

*deep breath*



I'm done.

*EDIT* More from the Q&A:

Anonymous said: advise for a very insecure and sad teen girl?

Ask yourself — be frank — what's the reward you get for being sad and insecure? Do you get extra attention from the people who try to fix or rescue you? Do you get to opt out of big goals and scary commitments? Consider that those rewards ( pay-offs ) are nothing compared to the joy of moving forward. I give you permission to be sad and insecure for one more week.



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