Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Spoilers for last night's episode.

What the hell was that? Do they just have random writers come in and do an episode of the show or something? Because everyone was acting so damn randomly and OOC and the plots never made much sense but now they're so confusing and ridiculous I couldn't even suspend my disbelief.

Random characters start spouting random exposition. The new characters show up and start spouting off mysterious lines about prophecies (lay off the damn prophecies show). And something about a cult of horse women. And Bo's dad and Rainer, who we still give absolutely no shits about. If anyone made sense of that, please explain it to me, because I just don't know.


Side plots that may be somehow connected to the main plot: Trick has a random one-off scene of evil plotiness with Evony. Lauren gets mad at Bo and makes magic vagina juice that turns Evony human. No one lets Kenzi get revenge and mostly ignores her (as with the rest of the season). Vex tried to raise Mesmer but fails, and so hes dropping random William Shakespeare references. Dson growls a lot, and Tamsin is going to need an AA meeting soon.

We address the fact that Hale is dead in a very short funeral scene, and because Kenzi keeps reminding us. We don't address Tamsin/Dyson at all, or anything else.

So this season has had no tension, almost no fun and no character continuity at all. this show's always been up and down, but what the hell was that?

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