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Inappropriate for work? Casual Friday Guidelines

Many places in America have a clause in working conditions that Fridays are casual. What this means is that you can wear jeans instead of business casual [button up shirt and nice pants/slacks].

Today I'm wearing jeans and a collared soccer jersey. Someone commented that it might be inappropriate for work. Okay seriously? How is it inappropriate, it is fitted but its not like I'm show excessive skin or something and the length of the jersey is fine.

My question to you is as follows: women have guidelines to not wear clothes too skimpy at work, is the same thing for guys? What qualifies as something that is over the edge for a guy to wear at work —barring the obvious of course.


If we're going to go down this road I could retort to said person that showing plumber's crack should be illegal in the work place so they should get longer shirts or tuck it in.


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