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Infamous: second Son is oh so beautiful...

So I just got back from that Game lock-in I mentioned last week. Spent an an hour and a half playing a 10-15min segment of the game, ate some free pizza, drank some free coke...


Its a lot of fun; its basically the same game you played before in IF1 and 2 just one hell of a lot better looking. There was only a couple of examples in the build I played but there appears to be plenty little things to do as you move through the world; lost of things to get good and bad karma.

I couldn't get a real answer about the karma system and whether it will affect you visually like it did in the previous games. You have the ability to use the flame and neon powers together so they aren't, as I first assumed, indicative of the good/bad karma system in action.

Movement is nice and fluid. This appeared to be early in the game as I didn't appear to be overly powerful, going by previous experience but its all nice and accurate. I hit everything I intended to and did a fair job of not dying by stupidity or wallrunning... :p

They've integrated the DS4 touchpad quite heavily it seems. Most of the environment interactions (like opening security gates, accessing hardware, boosting power, etc) need at least a quick press, all the way to slide and hold whilst furiously tapping a trigger button.


But on the flipside, after twenty minutes, these pseudo-quicktime actions were pretty anticipatory and quite easy to pull of with little hesitation.

Didn't get any sense of the story/characterisation, far too brief and no cutscenes but i'm hoping its more like IF1 than IF2.


Gonna be a long three weeks waiting for this release... :)

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