Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Thank you guys very much for filling out my impromptu question in xeos's shipping post. I found the answers interesting. Here's the summary (9 responders):


1. Do you ship: 9 yes
2. Do you hate the word ship: 9 no
3. Do you have same sex ships: 9 yes
4. Do you have heterosexual ships: 9 yes, 1 qualified
5. Do you have ships that are neither of the above: 6 yes, 3 no, most qualified
6. Is there a type of ship you won't ship (het, incest, ped, slash, non-con, etc): 7 yes, 2 no
7. What is your gender: 4 male, 5 female
8. What is your sexuality: 6 straight, 1 queer, 2 unreported


(Really, though, I do want to think one through better. But thanks for playing!)

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