Hoooooooooaaaaaarrrrgggggghhhhhhhh, we’re here everyone. So I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve had my interest in this show thoroughly killed by this shows bad promos. Enough so that I have no interest in doing weekly threads for this show (neither does Antipodes for that matter). Maybe if it turns itself around that’ll change but for now interest levels are at zero.

Now that all being said Anti and I are still going to watch it and I imagine most of you are going to as well and so I’ve come to present you with an easy alternative: You can come join me and Anti on my Discord Server (it’s a text and voice chat app if you don’t know what it is) and react in the Tomb of Spoilers channel on there:

The rules on there are mostly the same as the Odeck so be nice and we’ll all have a good time :). This link will last 24 hours and I’ll re-up it if there many people interested in joining.

Now as for this thread itself, if you want to use it as a reaction thread for tonight go right ahead. But it is the only I’m going to be doing and there won’t be one from me next week. If there is someone out there who wanted to do these threads and didn’t speak up before it’s all yours buddy.


Anyway that’s all on that end of things, welcome for one night only to the Inhumans double episode “Behold...The Inhumans” & “Those Who Would Destroy Us” season premiere reaction thread where you can share thoughts on the show as it’s going on or after it’s over.

Beware the Terrigan Mists, it’ll turn you into a spoiler!!!