Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Insane Fan Theory: The Flash and the old Flash show are merged worlds

Ok, as you guys might know, I really love alternative realities and multiple universes. So I was wondering for some time now about things that were going on in the new Flash show.
The aspects of time travel, using the cast of the old Flash show to play as parents of the new heroes or villains they portrayed, and the constant concept of DC’s multiverse realities.
And then it hits me, is it possible that DC is doing a Crisis format on their tv live action properties?

Check this out! We start with the comic Flashpoint resetting the DC Universe( not only in comics, but in every medium), slowly we have shows that occur after it that seem familiar(or at least weirdly the same as previous properties), then we see big hints like how Barry’s dad was the original tv Flash and The Trickster is technically the same guy just with a heads up.
If we keep developing what is going on into other CW, it is possible that the Crisis that is mentioned in the new Flash show presents a possibility that what happened with Zoom and him in the show created a semi merging of worlds like in the comics, but with older DC shows that were in the aether of their reality.

In other words: Flashpoints starts the reset, but whatever Crisis occurs in the new Flash show combines all the wayward or random live action realities that CW can get their hands on.

Anyway, I know it is insane, but fut.


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