Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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[Insert Fancy New Browser] is Full of Holes! Don't Use It!

I get so tired of hearing this. As an IT guy, I realize it is mostly crap. The one that gets tossed under the bus here at work the most is probably Chrome. There's not a thing wrong with Chrome (security-wise) and to hear the other desktop support guys I work with bash it constantly is infuriating.

Perhaps when it first came out there were some issues, but we're on version 26 now. All of the holes have been plugged up. People used to say the same damn thing about Firefox. "It's new and the security isn't up to snuff yet! People are writing viruses specifically for it!" Which, honestly, anyone that said that like it had any actual meaning doesn't know a thing about browsers and should just go home.


IE is the worst of them all and it's still doing just fine now. Stop telling people to uninstall Chrome because it's new (it's not really new) and scary (it's pretty neat) and you don't understand how to use it (you don't).

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