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InSeXts and Other Aftershock Comics Now Available on Comixology

Last year, long-time Marvel editor Mike Marts left Marvel Comics to start AfterShock Comics and they started by publishing something strange, weird, and awesome: InSeXts by Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina. Unfortunately, at the time, it was only available in print edition - there was no digital version. But now AfterShock has made a deal with Comixology, so you can buy their comics, including InSeXts, online here.

InSeXts is the story of a Victorian lady who grows tired of the constant abuse from her husband and so, with her lady’s maid (and lover), conspires to eliminate him...as well as transform into something much more insect-like. Yes, it’s a Victorian lesbian romance body horror.


Other titles include: American Monster by Brian Azzarello and Juan Doe, Dreaming Eagles by Garth Ennis and Simon Coleby, Replica by Paul Jenkins and Andy Clarke, and Super Zero by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Rafael de Latorre.


AfterShock has also announced a new series from Mark Waid and Tom Peyer: Captain Kid, “the story of a middle-aged comics fan who transforms into a teen super-hero.” Sounds like an interesting twist on the Captain Marvel/Shazam concept.

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