Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So this year, I am teaching a special Ed class in the afternoon. I have to write Individual Education Plans for all my students. You’ll never guess what browser we have to use to access the Web based application used by my school board:

Internet Explorer. *9*.

N-I- Fricking -N-E.

Or versions 6-8, if you are some sort of cave person.

The last update for 9 came out in 2011.

Oh, and it has to be IE for Windows. There is no way to work on this on a Mac at all.


I have a Mac. Mr Ivriniel has a PC running Windows 7, but of course it has IE 11. The only way to get IE 9 to run is to downgrade. Which involves doing a lot of crap manually to his operating system.

He has an old laptop that someone gave him with a shattered screen that is running Windows 7. We are going to plug it into an old monitor, and try to downgrade IE on it rather than his regular machine.

The only other option is for me to work late after school on a PC there. They still have IE 9 on them, just for this very purpose. (For anything else, people use Chrome.)

Update: Mr I booted up the old laptop with the broken screen and discovered it is already running IE 9. We shut off auto updates, so this should be serviceable.



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