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Interview with speculative zoologist Dougal Dixon

Scientific American has a nice interview with Dougal Dixon, where they cover his inspirations as well as go into several of his works.

Thoughts/favorite parts:

1) I would love to see a book of his original images. Example of an gigantelope from the article pictured.


2) He apparently has a book, Greenworld, that's published only in Japan, which has the following synopsis:

The concept is that human colonists arrive in a pristine natural environment and immediately set about screwing it all up. The way it's arranged is as a series of short stories that follow different generations of the same few families, thereby building up into a sort of dynastic epic, covering a thousand years of colonisation on this planet.

We get to see excerpts from field guides, from herbals, and recipes, warning signs, bounty notices, advertisements, and all sorts of stuff like this – the idea being that, if you look at this combination of images, you build up an idea of what the biota is like.

Can we PLEASE get an English version? Sounds amazing.

3) I thought it absolutely adorable that the interviewer deleted his own dorky joke:

Dougal: That's right. How's your Japanese?

Darren: [lame joke involving Kaiju names deleted]. Let's talk about The Future is Wild. The book is co-authored with John Adams, is that right?


The whole interview is well worth a read!

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