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Into Darkness: As good as WoK, not as good as First Contact

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So, I just finished watching this puppy... (very vague spoilers occur.)

Simply put, I enjoyed it.

The sets were a vast improvement. it didn't feel like a budget production every time they left the bridge this time round. oh, i can emphasise this enough. The Enterprise felt like a ship, this time.


Sulu? Yeah baby, they did good by you this time round.

Possibly a little too often going for the money shot, visually speaking. Some great eye candy scenes but they seemed to be going for possible wallpaper usage as opposed to showing us whats happening. Not that i couldn't tell what was going on, you understand, just that JJ seemed to fall in love with those perfectly framed shots a little too much.


My only real problem with the movie is that there was absolutely no sense of travelling anywhere. It didn't seem to take two seconds to get to any destination, even on a ship without power.

Other than that quibble, I was pretty satisfied with the whole thing.

Its obviously getting compared to Wrath of Khan and generally not favourably. My only real problem with WoK comparisons is when its made to be the be-all-end-all of Star Trek or something.


For me, First Contact is the best ST movie ever. Its quite frankly as perfect a ST movie as I will find. It has almost every element that personifies ST and does it well.

I mean, come on, in the WoK, they were shooting at each other by looking out their viewscreens and defeated Khan simply by going up and then going down.


I wont deny that WoK has bags more charisma but that's purely casting. Shatner, Monteban and et all were on fire... The plot developments in WoK was no more or less hokey than in any other ST movie.

I'd rate this 4th in my favs list. First Contact, Star Trek (2009), Wrath of Khan and then this. I could accept arguments for the Motion Picture being better placed but i'm not one for nostalgia and i find the first one a bit dated to really enjoy it.


All the other movies are average really and can be interchanged on the list according to my mood... although watching the Ent-D crash in Generations never gets old.

Thus ends my thoughts.

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