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Intruders - “In the beginning there was death”

After watching the second episode of Intruders (the first and second episodes are up on the BBC America website (not anymore)) the mysteries are only deepening. Spoilers ahead.


The first episode "She was Provisional" starts in a way reminiscent of The X-Files or Millennium, which is not too surprising considering the episode was written by Glen Morgan. Robert Forster's character seems to be mentoring Shepard about the job which allows some cryptic hints to the audience to be dropped as well.

  • Is Shepherd really an FBI agent or does he just have good forged credentials?
  • Why did Shepherd need to kill Madison? I'm guessing it has to do with the line "in the beginning there was death" that keeps recurring. Though nowhere near as much as the number 9.
  • Millie Brown does a great job playing both Madison and Marcus. The scene with the cat was chilling because of how well she shifted between the two.
  • Maybe I'm just so used to Brits doing American accents that John Simm's accent doesn't bother me.
  • I suppose Bill Anderson, the man who knew too much, will turn up at some point and throw some explanations around.

The second episode "And Here… You Must Listen" continues the two searches - one for Madison and the other for Amy.

  • The little girl who is not a little girl has street smarts enough to evade Shepard at the train station and find a way to get to Seattle. Of course a game of cat and mouse is no fun if the mouse is no good at getting away.
  • Unfortunately the old Asian woman isn't so nimble. Shepard's failure to kill Madison on the beach looks to be seriously screwing things up.
  • We get to see this scene in context. Now we know Jack has seen Amy acting odd before. Actually if my wife woke up speaking a foreign language then referring to herself in the third person like that I'd be not a little freaked out. But that's just me I guess.
  • Jack has definitely stumbled into an old fashioned 1970s style paranoid conspiracy.

Intruders didn't fully sell me in the first episode like Orphan Black but I'm a sucker for a conspiracy/mystery story and there are a few going on. Just who are the Qui Reverti? Why is nine such a significant number? At this point I'm not sure where they're going but I'll keep watching to see.

Wait! I just read the book!

I recently finished The Intruders, which the show is based on. I can see why Glen Morgan would be interested. It's like an X-File mostly set in Frank Black's home turf. The show and the book are separate entities so while I will drop some spoilers for the book here I'm pretty much speculating about what may happen on the show.

  • The first two episodes hit the major points through about a third of the book. I expect the show to deviate before the end of the season. For one thing the book leaves a lot about the intruders vague so the show has a lot of room to go its own way.
  • Shepherd is not just a name, it's a job description. This was implied from what Robert Forster's character was talking about in the first episode.
  • To answer my own question from above, Shepherd is not an FBI agent. But it is a handy way to get through the door in some situations.
  • We don't see Shepherd try to kill Madison in the book but there is a good reason why he would. Largely because...
  • Marcus is a particularly nasty piece of work. I think BBC America will let us see Marcus-controlled Madison do the kind of things she does in the book.
  • The book explains why Madison doesn't call home or go to the police when she's in control. Marcus still has some control over her even when he's not in the driver's seat.
  • Someone is not what they seem to be (maybe multiple someones if they're generally following the book). But you should already know that if you watch a lot of this type of show ;-)

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