In this week's episode of Intruders we get Jack and Gary spending quality time together. A new character is introduced, someone else finally shows up briefly, and an innocent television is brutally assaulted. Spoilers and speculation ahead.

I've mentioned before that I've read the book the show is based on. While the show is still hitting the major beats of the book it is deviating in how it gets to those points and given how the book ends I expect serious deviation soon. The book is vague in explaining what is going on so there's plenty of room for the show to go it's own way, which in some ways it already has. So while I have a good idea where the show is going and what some of the twists ahead are, I don't know what Glen Morgan's vision is of where the show is going.

One thing I don't think the show was doing well was showing what was going on inside Madison's head. This episode we get a better idea of what's happening between Madison and Marcus. Madison is aware of Marcus in her head and not just blacking out for long periods of time. Marcus can exert some control even when he's not in the driver's seat. Madison was able to remember her phone number and call home but Marcus knocked her out before she could reveal where she was. Of course the police should be able to find what phone Madison was calling from and place her in Seattle.


Amy, or more accurately whoever is possessing her, is obsessing over a dead jazz singer. But there may still be a little Amy left since she has a brief flashback to a pregnant and bloody Amy, presumably during the miscarriage mentioned before. Maybe the phone call with the odd tones fixed things in her head. Unfortunately it's too late for the poor television.

Most of the episode is about Jack and Gary. They team up after Gary bails Jack out of jail. Jack snapped a picture of something out of Bill Anderson's basement with a serial number on. Gary tells his story of the billionaire Cranfield who hit the ground running (perhaps like he had the personality of a full grown and experienced adult inside at a young age) and made a vast fortune. Cranfield was dispersing his fortune including giving about a tenth of it to a mysterious trust and a $10 million gift to Bill Anderson if he stopped his pet project. The trust and an empty building in Seattle have ties to Amy and her boss Todd Crane, who knows Marcus and Rose.


Jack and Gary end up at Cranfield's mansion but get turned away by Felix Gaeta, who will presumably show up later since I doubt he was hired for just a few seconds of screen time. Of course they sneak in scaling the oddly low perimeter wall. They get close enough to see Cranfield being wrapped up like a mummy and Amy is there.

They escape and Jack does some Doctor Who worthy handwavery to send a message to Bill Anderson. So the two guys walk into a bar. Bill Anderson shows up and drops some needed information. He built "a device that sees ghosts." This raises at least two questions. Was Bill Anderson targeted because he was about to inadvertently learn about Qui Reverti? Was his machine interfering with the possession process? The questions are not mutually exclusive. Either or both would be reason to stop Anderson's work.

Since Bill Anderson has served his purpose Shepherd shows up since he could handwave decoding Jack's encrypted message while driving. Jack recognizes him from Cranfield's mummy party but he's too late to stop Shepherd from killing Anderson. The secret of the ghost machine* dies with him.


  • I have to admit I'm not comfortable with the stuff Millie Brown says when she's playing Marcus. I understand the point is it's supposed to be shocking that an unpleasant old man (and apparent pedophile) is speaking through a young girl. So I guess it's working.
  • Does anyone not think the mysterious Rose is the one possessing Amy?

*Given my screen name there are plenty of jokes to make. Go ahead and get it out of your system.