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Invisible Scarlet O'Neil, the First Super-Powered Comic Strip Heroine, Inspires New Stage Show in Chicago

As part of its upcoming 20th anniversary season, the Babes With Blades Theatre Company is producing the first-ever theatrical adaptation of Russell Stamm’s classic Chicago Times comic strip series, Invisible Scarlet O’Neil.

With the ability to turn invisible by pressing a nerve in her left wrist, Scarlet holds the distinction of being the first super-powered comic strip heroine, even pre-dating Wonder Woman by about one and a half years. Her colorful rogues gallery of villains included an evil zoot-suited hypnotist, a female professional wrestler and a murderess who carried a baby doll as a good luck charm.

The bad guys never saw what hit them.

Russell Stamm Jr., the son of the original creator, is now collaborating with the Babes With Blades Company in bringing Scarlet O’Neil’s story to the stage in her home-town of Chicago. The play has been cast and is about to enter rehearsals, with a scheduled September 2 opening at the Factory Theater.

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