Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Because the below post shared Groupthink is a bit too panicky, here’s what Annalee and Charlie Jane have to say:


For people who want to know more about the GM media changes announced today more:



They’re also closing up some of the subistes:

Today we are folding Gawker’s The Vane, Jezebel’s Millihelen and Kitchenette, Lifehacker’s Workshop and AfterHours, Jalopnik’s Flight Club, and Gizmodo’s Indefinitely Wild and Throb. Pursuant to Gawker’s new focus, Defamer, Morning After, and Valleywag will be permanently shuttered, clearing the path for Jezebel to become the primary voice for celebrity and pop culture coverage in the network.

I’ll definitely miss Throb and The Vane. I thought they were pretty popular. So this sad.

Group blogs (like the ODeck & Groupthink) seem to be staying put for now:

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