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Hey did you know that io9 and Kotaku are having their 2nd Annual Cosplay Ball in 12 days? It is an event that is held in conjunction with New York Comic Con which this year runs October 5-8. It’s the 2nd annual because there was one last year. Here’s the coverage that io9 and Kotaku gave it last year:

15 days before the event: Bricken wrote an io9 article about it.

13 days before the event: Bricken wrote another io9 article about it, and Totilo wrote a Cosplay.Kotaku article about it


1 day before the event: Bricken wrote another io9 article about it

1 day after the event: Totilo wrote a Cosplay.Kotaku article about a few costumes at the party

1-4 days after the event: Kotaku’s Facebook page uploaded many images from the party.

4 days after event: Plunkett featured more photos from the party at Cosplay.Kotaku


It’s always good to see io9 and Kotaku cooperating together (some of their staff do literally work out of the same building!). Hat tip to io9 and Kotaku’s Facebook pages for advertising the event on their upcoming events pages; it’s good that the unnamed social media staff are keeping track of things!


Update 1: ~1600 Kinja time, 28 September. io9 mentioned the event! At 1725 Kinja time that post was shared to Kotaku.


Update 2: ~1745 Kinja time, 10 October. About seven or so hours after some pictures were uploaded to io9's Facebook page, io9 posted a post-event article which was primarily ... those pictures. As of ~1600 Kinja time on 12 October, neither Kotaku nor Cosplay.Kotaku had shared that article.

Update 3: 2137 Kinja time, 1 January. I forgot to check up on this. Back in early December, Studio@Gizmodo, which is one of the places on the Gizmodo Media Group wherein sponsored content can be hosted, published a post from Kraken Rum about the Cosplay Ball.

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