Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So I'm buying a new smart phone. My wife is a proponent for Apple, as are a few others. My resident tech geeks tell me I should get the new Galaxy. I'm curious to think what more people out there think. So, tell me!

Since people will ask this or that, here's some more information:

1). I'm utilitarian in my wants of phones: Functionality's the thing for me. Apps will largely be a combination of useful and time/wasters (games, basically). I'm not overly concerned with the camera, and I could give zero crap about doo-dads like Siri, so that's not a factor.

2). I'm kind of hard on electronics, so I'll be buying a pretty serious case either way.

3). I'm not a huge fan of Itunes (in fact, I hate it) BUT... I don't want to pick up a Smart Phone and feel like I'm missing out on all the content that's just so AMAZING, so I'd put up with it if need be.

If you have any particular apps you feel are super-necessary (particularly that are platform sellers) I'd like to hear about them also.

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