Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Puff the Science Dragon taking a shift as Cassini Mission ACE at JPL on Wednesday. (Mika McKinnon)

I’m baaaackkkk! Only kinda, but you’ll see my byline sneaking into Gizmodo occasionally as a freelancer. I was at JPL for Cassini’s final moments on Friday, so I’m here to help you mourn the loss of a truly great robot.

Unexpected life lessons for this week: Wearing a fascinator to a science event means getting interrupted every few moments when someone wants to talk fashion:


How’s it going? I’m digging at least some of the Kinja updates — the photo caption formatting is a nice fix. It’s also nicely reassuring that I still have cause to shake a fist while growling “Kiiiiiinnnnjaaaaaaaa!!!”

And Stargate fans? Keep an eye out on the new MGM Stargate Command for fun science-surprises. :D

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