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After the Great Rearranging following the iomodo merger and new Editor-in-Chief, our science subsites scattered to websites unknown. Here’s an update on where we’re publishing now.

Dennis the Weatherdude — prolific and biting as ever, Dennis is regularly contributing to Mental Floss and Forbes Science. Since he’s freelancing (and snarking on his personal blog), it’s easiest to keep up with his latest pieces by following him on Twitter or Facebook. He’ll be live on WeatherBrains Monday February 29th 9:30-11:00 PM Eastern.


Dianne the Sexpert — focusing more on longer-form pieces for now, Dianne isn’t doing much that’s readable online. Still, she squeeze out a cute piece for the Evolution Institute on dissecting crawfish with third graders.

Wes the Outdoorsman — more on the outdoorsy side than science side, of course Wes is now writing at Outdoor Magazine. Indefinitely Wild found a new home as an ongoing column for the site, a deal that was already in the works before his abrupt departure from iomodo.

Mika the SpaceLady — whoa, awkward to jam myself into the same format. I’m mostly doing projects that won’t go public for far too long, but am keeping myself entertained with a few quicker pieces musing about Venus for New Scientist (paywalled), and a rant over on Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s The Drum. I also accidentally launched Unruly Curiosity a bit early when science-lovers started chirping for me.

Did I miss anyone else from the science crew you’ve been craving an update on?

Update on the science peeps who took off before the iomodoing:

Jason! Animals! Right, he’s also doing the freelance route, regularly contributing to Scientific American, Uniquely Human on BBC Future, Conservation Magazine, and Wild Life on Earth Touch, with enough other projects thrown in that again it’s easiest to keep up-to-date with him on Twitter.


Robbie, long-time backbone for the io9 science beat, is now Design Editor for Wired. His technical title might be an even more fancy and senior title than that — it was a major promotion. (I mistakenly thought he was Science Editor; he pinged me with the correction since Kinja won’t let him log in.)

Kiona’s still freelancing, again at a variety of publications (Discover and Air&Space this month) that’s hard to keep track of individually without just following her Twitter (notice a trend?). She’s also working on some longer-term fantasy projects.


Y’all already know that Annalee is over on Ars Technica now, but as she’s the essential founder of science for io9, I’ll include her links for completeness anyway!

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