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Last season, I did an episode by episode review, but since this season was being better received, I decided to just binge-watch it all and review the entire thing at once. And boy am I glad I did.


Because it was so much fucking better. Like, miles and miles better than Season 1. Sure, the first half of the season is kind of slow, but its peppered throughout with character interactions and moments that really make us understand the characters better. Especially Ward Meachum, who continues to be the standout and best character in the show.

But here’s the thing: the show understands that there’s something wrong with Danny’s character. In the comics, Danny is this laid back dude, but the first season of the show had him as this emotional, petulant man-child. Which makes sense, sure, but isn’t very fun to watch. The second half of the season, after Danny loses the Iron Fist and Colleen trains him to think and choose instead of act on emotion? That seems like a “Yeah, we fucked up before, but we’re trying to make it better” moment.

And then the moment where Danny realizes that the thing he fought for was the Iron Fist itself...and therefore, he shouldn’t have it and Colleen should? Damn, that was icing on the cake. I thought for sure that it was going to be a fake out — that Colleen would refuse and Danny would learn to be better and he would take back the Fist himself, but no, the show actually went and did it: they gave Colleen Wing the Iron Fist. God damn was it cool, too. Glowing white Iron Fist fuck yeah. Oh and she can charge her katana with the chi, too! FUCK YEAH. (And she’s also a descendant of Wu Ao-Shi, the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay!)

In fact, the show seemed to realize what was good about the first season — basically Colleen and Ward and Davos — and puts them to great use. Ward’s storyline is tragic, Colleen’s storyline is amazing, Davos basically turns into the Punisher but worse, and meanwhile Danny is realizing that he has to learn who he is. Basically: with the last two episodes of the season, the show tried to pull a Thor: Ragnarok and redefine itself and make itself better.


Which includes a very awesome epilogue, where we see the aforementioned chi-charged katana in the hands of Iron Fist Colleen Wing and oh yeah Danny and Ward on the trail of Orson Randall and now Danny has Orson’s chi-charged handguns FUCK YEAH. If this leads into the “Seven Capital Cities of Heaven” storyline, I will forgive the show for everything. (Also, if Orson also has the Iron Fist, it allows the show give both Danny the Fist and have Colleen keep it, too.)

As for the rest of the characters: Joy’s motivations were sloppy, but I understand they had to continue her storyline from last season and I did like what they did with her in the second half, as she tried to redeem herself. (I thought for sure she was a goner, too.) And Mary Walker, well...


Typhoid Mary was always going to be a difficult character to adapt. Most of the time, in TV shows, “multiple personalities” is generally just an excuse for a character to act crazy and they never really dive it deep about what a person with DID goes through. But they did with Mary Walker and boy am I glad they did. The amount of time they devoted to the character and her struggle was fascinating and gives me hope that if/when they finally do Moon Knight, they will do a fantastic job.

So what did you guys think?

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