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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Iron Fist Season Two Ad Spot Pretty Much Apologizes to Everyone for Season One

How can you promote the second season of the worst Marvel Netflix show after the first season fails so much and falls so short in so many ways? You could shoot and release a video that clearly was shot to address the first season’s shortcomings while also promising that important changes were made so that Iron Fist will finally deliver the goods in its upcoming second season. If you have 53 seconds, you can judege for yourself:

That is 100% a direct, tongue-in-cheek apology for the terrible first season.


The dialogue:

“Danny. Are you okay?”

“It’s just a bad memory.”

“It’s in the past.”

“I hope so.”

If that isn’t some almost-too-direct-to-be-subtext subtext, then subtext doesn’t exist in the Netflix corner of the MCU. And we know that from the other Netflix series that it very much exists. (I’m looking at you especially, writers of Jessica Jones.)


The flashback fight scenes:

Instead of the embarrassing fight scenes from the first season, we are shown what fans had wanted and expected but didn’t get: good fight scenes with solid choreography that are brightly lit (as opposed to the season one technique of “let’s just turn off most of the lighting and hide our terrible fight scenes in a miasma of shadowy, billowing blackness to cover up its many faults and hope that viewers think that there’s something wrong with the video settings on their TVs”).


Iron Fist in Costume:

And lastly, yes, we finally see what fans of the many different iterations of Iron Fist’s comic book appearances and series wanted to see: Iron Fist in costume. Just like we wanted to see Daredevil and The Punisher in costume, fans want for Marvel to do their damned best at making this live action version of the comic book character look like he does in the comics (just like they did with Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Daredevil, and the other dozens that they’ve nailed).



This walk-and-talk scene was shot specifically as a teaser. That scene is a single steadi-cam shot of Danny and Colleen. It’s not actual footage from season two. They’re talking about the first season in a thinly veiled manner, with brief insert shots that are culled from actual footage, promising footage, that fans will get to see in season two. Well, actual footage, promising footage, that fans will get to see if this promo convinces wary viewers with its message:

“We’re sorry about season one. Are we okay? It’s just a bad memory. It’s in the past.”


After seeing a soupçon of the new choreography and Iron Fist in costume, a fan can only respond: “I hope so.”

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