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NO SPOILERS! So, i went and watched it this morning and I gotta say, I think it might just be the best Iron Man movie yet.

I think its a perfect storm of the two movies. It has the deeper motivations of the first and the in-your-face action of the second and creates a fantastic balance between the two.


I make no secret that I much prefer action over drama every time and that I actually think IM2 is a slightly better movie than IM1 but I think, for me, IM3 has them both beat.

And I have to point out that, much like last fortnight's Oblivion, there are significant plots points that managed to stay a surprise (at least to me) even after seeing all the trailers and featurettes.

I'm actually impressed, considering the trailers seemed to give everything away, which has been pretty common in the past few years.

I think there are definitely going to be marmite reactions to aspects of the movie but frankly, i think its an absolute barn-stormer...


If I had to mark stuff down?

the middle sagged a little bit.

Jon Faverau made me cringe; can't stand his 'Happy'.

The bloody after credits scene isn't worth the wait. its a nice scene, but seriously, not worth watching the interminable credits. Catch it on the net.


Oh, and no 'Shoot to Kill' (it never gets old!) Instead, they played a song I thought I had purged forever from my memory banks and yet, am even now, humming away into insanity....

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