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Is Anyone Else Still Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic?

I played Star Wars: The Old Republic when the game first came out a few years ago but for various reasons quit after several months. But after the new expansion that came out recently and the numerous emails from the gamemaker to come back I jumped back in.

I decided to delete all my old characters except my Jedi Counselor pictured above (she’s a Mirialan in case you were wondering). The game server I used to have the characters on was gone so she was relocated to another one and I had to rename her - Lystrada became Lysisrada. She was my first character if I remember correctly though I never took her or any other character completely through their class story.


The character companion system had a big change. Now their stats are fixed but improve as your relationship with them improves. They’re not quite interchangeable; my melee weapon equipped companions fight differently from the ranged weapon ones. And my latest companion for my Counselor has a distinctly different style.

(Spoiler for the Counselor character). My last companion is also my Padawan and uses Force powers as well as her double-bladed lightsaber. Since I have played Lysisrada as a principled Jedi diplomat it’s easy to rack up approval from my companion so that she’s a better sidekick.

My main long term goal is to play through all eight character class stories. In addition to my Jedi Counselor I have an Imperial Agent, a Republic Trooper and a Sith Warrior started. Part of the fun is making different choices during the common story parts. My rule with the Counselor is that she always makes a Light Side choice if available and otherwise chooses the most Jedi sounding dialogue choice. The Trooper is more free to pick up some Dark Side points though he’ll tend to be mostly light. When I get to playing a Smuggler he’ll be more more neutral overall.


I play MMO games solo without joining player guilds/fleets/corporations and SWTOR supports that. While I played the group missions solo before now the Flashpoints have an actual solo mode where you get a droid companion added to help you fight through.

At the risk of sounding like That Guy, a lot of the changes I see look like they make the leveling up part of the game easier than what we original players went through. Now get off my porch before I throw my lightsaber at you.

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