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Is Batman Boring

Quentin Tarantino said in an interview that "Batman is not a very interesting character" for an actor to play. I know Bats isn't our there carving the Bat-Symbol into criminals foreheads or torturing people with a straight razor, but I would think an actor could do a lot with the character of Batman, especially when you factor in Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents being killed, gave up his life of privilege to train himself and returned to clean up Gotham. Not to take revenge, but to fight crime so that no other child would have to deal with what he dealt with. He doesn't have powers other than his intelligence and obsession. He has to rely on training and technology in a world full of gods, all while knowing that if it came right down to it, he may be the only one who could stop those gods. At the same time he has to maintain an alter ego who is a rich businessman. I think there is a wealth of character in Batman/Bruce that a great actor could bring out. Now Superman, don't even get me started on that guy.


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