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Is Carlie Cooper Just the Worst?

I have a deep love for Spider-Man, and I always have, but, to be totally honest, outside of Ultimate, I haven't kept up with the modern comics much at all, reading just a little bit of Superior, the arc where Peter "dies," stuff like that.

I got a subscription to Marvel Unlimited, and I though I'd check out Spider Island. No idea if that's considered a good arc, but I wanted to see Peter (not Ock!Peter) swinging around punching bad guys, and I figured that was as good a place as any to start.


Enter Carlie Cooper. This is a character I admittedly know very little about, other than some rumblings about why the character was introduced (new love interest for Petey after that nasty selling his marriage to the devil business), and that it was named after Joe Quesada's daughter.

So, after reading a few issues of Spider Island, here's the question I pose you: Is Carlie Cooper just the worst? She feels like a Mary Sue to me. Oh, look, she's this spunky CSI who solves crimes (I'll even let that get a pass since CSI has so messed up that idea), her and Peter are soooo in love you guys, everyone's always talking about how great she is, she gets spider powers and immediately tells Peter, she's immediately brilliant with these powers... I don't know, it feels like they're trying reeeeaaaally hard to make me like her, and they haven't given her much in the way of personality.

I am fully aware of the possibility that I either picked a weak arc to reenter on, or that I am missing something that makes Carlie great, but so far, I'm unimpressed.

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