This is the last day of the 8th year of Observation Deck. This day is the end of Year 8 of the experiment that the staff of io9 created; a community based on putting fans of SF, fantasy, science, and futurism all together into a mixer and seeing what gentle agitation will create.

The first five years were mostly harmless. The past three years have been the years where we have grappled with being laid to rest by our creators. Like any other burial of an amorphous monster, the process has taken a while. The first step in the process was that Observation Deck content stopped being directly shared onto io9; as far as I can tell, the last time that happened was in August 2015.

The second step in the process was that our creators stopped linking to us; that happened in January of this year.


The third step in the process was when the spokesperson for our creators could not give an actual answer as to why they gave us a funeral.


I am not a big fan of that answer and I am going to stop myself before I rant about that answer. But at the same time I don’t expect an actual answer from any of the io9 staff because Observation Deck is small potatoes. Gizmodo has had three editors-in-chief over the course of the last three years, the Gizmodo Media Group got sold to a new company, and the past year has seen a lot of staff changes. io9 has been topsy-turvy for the last three years and in a completely pragmatic frame of mind I don’t expect a random member of its staff to really care about this community blog when they have much bigger issues to deal with, like watching genre-defining films that came out 35 years ago.


This is all a really long-winded way of saying that Year 8 of Observation Deck is the one where our creators really and finally stopped returning our calls. Our creators have fully walked away from us and Year 9 is the first year where we’re the only agents responsible for our present and future. I don’t know if this means we can create our own t-shirts. We might not own the copyright and/or trademark.

Today’s topic, if you choose to discuss it:

Observation Deck has several regular features; for example this morning it has Saturday GIF Party. What other regular content does Observation Deck “need”?

Alternate topic:

What is the SF/F object you obtained this year (or a previous year, if this year hasn’t been good at obtainment) that you most appreciate obtaining?

author’s answers: I keep telling myself to more regularly continue a thing I’ve done two entries of. I got an autographed copy of The World of Ice & Fire. I have no idea when I’m going to read this book.