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Is Game of Thrones set in the present...on the Forest Moon of Endor?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Remember those words? I know some of you are aware that they’re a warning. Others know they’re a trap. But in this case, I think they’re a clue.

Now, bear with me here...I’m still fleshing this little theory out and it’s got a lot of room to grow (The Midi-Chlorian idea factory thread was just the beginning of Secrets of Star Wars after all)...but I think this’ll be a fun sort of wrong.


So, here’s my thinking: We already know that Game of Thrones takes place somewhere with some weird orbital dynamics, possibly after some sort of comparatively recent cosmic event... there are plenty of theories about the what sort of planet has such strange seasons, there was even an article here not too long ago on the subject.

What if all the Ewoks DIDN’T die when the second Death Star crashed? What if their little forest moon just got knocked into a different orbit?


Are the Ewoks the ancestors of the Children of the Forest? Is the strange fluctuating ‘magic’ part of the wreckage the Midichlorians caused when they manipulated the Jedi into battle?


I’m not sure yet!

Can anybody else come up with any fun parallel theories? I’m sure there’s some fun potential I haven’t identified yet!

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