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Is Gone Home a Coming out Story... Just like Top Gun?

According to Cara Ellison in a recent post over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the answer is yes. In fact, Ellison wants to "bust through the door drunk, nudge a bystander and declare 'YOU KNOW, GONE HOME IS THE TOP GUN OF VIDEO GAMES', and then proceed to grandstand and pontificate about the State Of The Industry, because, well, what douchey game critic wouldn't want to do that?"


Now, Ellison didn't just pull a comparison to Top Gun out of thin air. She refers us to a scene in 1994's romantic comedy, Sleep With Me, where Quentin Tarantino — basically playing himself — deconstructs what Top Gun is really about: "a man's struggle with his own homosexuality."

However, before exploring the game more in depth, Ellison does temper the comparison, saying, "Gone Home has more subtlety than Top Gun, and no smirking Val Kilmer, just a smirking family portrait. And no one talks about riding anyone's tail (or even being anyone's wingman)."

And who am I to argue? Gone Home is a first-person interact story released just over a year ago, however, I just got around to playing it last week. It was a whopping 2 hours of gameplay (if that). I appreciated the atmospheric effects, the interface, and the numerous sci-fi references, but honestly the story line was just enough to keep poking around what seemed like endless rooms and 3-ring binders to the sounds of a spooky thunderstorm outside.

I don't have a position on whether or not Top Gun, or a Tarantino interpretation thereof (and not that he's first or only person to extrapolate homoerotic themes from that movie), is a valid comparison to what the creators of Gone Home were aiming for, but I do know that I now need to see Sleep With Me.

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