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Is io9 gaining too much Scope Creep in its coverage?

Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but this article about the anniversary of General Idi Amin Dada taking over Uganda wasn't on CNN or Gawker. Heck it wasn't even on Jezabel with a lead that recounted the horrors his regime had on women.

It was an io9 story that didn't even try to have a lead in to connect it to either science fact or SF/F. Yes, there's been similar stories in the "Why here?" category before, but there seems to be more of them and what's more confusing (to me) is how commenters are reacting.


i.e., if you questioned the focus of an article before, some would agree, and some would begrudgingly disagree that while it was off-topic, it was important info or a well-written article.

Now if you question a story, people get snarky or mean about it. They'll mostly say that story's import trumps its placement. ... And maybe imply that io9 focus on "just" being a science fact/SF-F blog is holding it back from .... from ... from what even?

I mean no disrespect to io9 staff or their hard work, but io9 isn't my only news source, and I get all — if not too much already — of the historical, political and general news from other sources already.

To me, io9 is a daily refuge into the geeky lifestyle that celebrates the awesome of science and charges forward with SF/F news I can't find anywhere else. — And I don't mean the latest news on Ant-Man or Ultron or what's going on at SDCC. That's practically mainstream news now too.


I'm talking about the coverage of SF/F writers and important insider events like the Hugos and what makes a great story great. I would have included Gamergate too, but that's Kotaku link away and io9 gave us a heads up on those links too.

[UPDATE:] To my shame, my original title was a bit too prickly, so my apologies. Props to mythbri, so it goes for the inspiration of the more accurate title.]


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