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Is Iron Man Going to be in GotG?

So whilst perusing Amazon for fake flowers (for my Disney Princess Poison Ivy cosplay, okay?? It' actually coming along really well), Amazon gave me some recommendations. Like, toys from "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy"

They look like they're supposed to be from the movie, but not quite labelled as such? But we know they're supposed to look like the movie characters? Anyway, take a look:


That looks like Zoe Saldana to me? But the packaging won't admit it's for the movie?

(The figures come with pieces of Groot to assemble him)

So, I look at these, and part of the collection is Iron Man.


He doesn't look right, though. So now I'm just hella confused. So, they're toys for the comics, but look like the movie?


I mean, look at Star Lord:


As I understand it, the headphones/music thing was a movie invention, no? Obviously I could be wrong, but I that's what I heard.

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