Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Once upon a time, back when we had stars, there was a nice and simple system for weeding out pervasive trolls: first time commenters were shown in pink and the starred users could approve them. And then they stayed approved for all the blogs and their comments would always show up in the general pool of comments.

This system where each user has to be approved for every individual comment unless they're followed by the blog (and ditto for every other mainpage, sub-blog, kinja blog) (or if they're an author. maybe.) is just completely nonsensical. It's a waste of time for the users, the writers and the mods. It makes conversations repetitive, a lot of threads with no approved comments and just a confusing mess.


Can we go back to that? It can't possibly be that hard to implement on Kinja.

ETA because I wasn't clear: I'm not advocating bringing back the star system (well, one can only wish), just to give approved users/users followed by said blog the ability to permanently take new users out of the grey.

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