I'm so far out of practice injuring myself (my pain doesn't need inciting incidents, it's no wuss!), but I just got up, tripped (hyper-extended the toes of a foot which had not regained bloodflow) and hear mad popping (yo). It was swollen before I could get to the freezer to determine I had moved out *all* the ice packs in favour of dishes of pot roast, and so I've put a bandage at it and am making faces.

It's really important that I do not make this any worse than this has to be.

But I'm persona non grata at any nearby ERs, so if it doesn't need professional helpÔÇöit was just the noises! I don't usually hear noises unless there's a blow (that I made, I'm pretty keen on it being that way round, no matter who ends up in the ERÔÇöit's a precedent thing).


Wait till morning? Stuff a pot roast into the foot of my bed? Pick a fight with the loud party to take my mind off it (You are no Dean Winchester, sir. The mullet rock has got to go.)? Throw my leg up over my head to elevate?

I need a course of action that is not the worst. I hate the worst.

edited to add: What Would Magnitude Do? I'm going to give medical professionals a chance to say it's nothing. Now, because I can't sleep.