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Is The 100 Worth Watching?

Fellow ODer’s I need your help. I have asked this question in several places so far (including on an OD article, the io9 Gif Party, and The 100 article) but haven’t been given an answer, so I’m asking here. Is The 100 worth watching?

I started season one of The 100 a couple of weeks back as it was on Amazon Prime Instant. I know people (and io9) said the first season was too teen-angsty (my old man of all people watched the second episode when it was on Channel 4 a year or two back and called it “a load of shite”) but season two was apparently very good with more depth and characterisation, with added moral issues.


However I got about 20-30 minutes into the pilot episode before turning it off when Octavia, the girl who was meant to have spent nearly the last 17-18 years (she’s around 18 but looks about 23) living in secret underneath the floorboards due to being a second child which in the show is illegal, dropping her clothes in full front of a group of lads to be flirty and then going swimming (see below) even though she wouldn’t know how to swim but more importantly should be incredibly awkward/unsociable due to her incredibly isolated upbringing.

Along with that I’ve heard a lot of the first season focuses a lot on love triangles and angsty relationship melodrama.

Is this the sort of crap I have to wade through in season one before getting to the good stuff? If that’s the case I’ll probably either just not bother or just skip season one entirely, just read plot synopses, and start from two when that gets added to on-demand.


For added explanation I’m not expecting Shakespeare or the next Battlestar Galactica in terms of serious SciFi but I’m expecting a show to at least stay grounded to its own plot and world.

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