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I'm talking about the book, even though seeing the remake last night made me think of it. Spoilers for it all, though.

So in the book, the end result of Carrie's meltdown is that schools crack down on bullying so that such a situation like the Black Prom are never repeated.


Doesn't that seem just a little too neat and clean? Maybe it's the cynic in me, but I don't believe people today or back in 1975 would go for that.

No, they would demand that any person showing those type of powers be locked up, and probably many would call for immediate execution of them considering just one managed to kill over 400 people in a single night. Governments would try to turn them in to human weapons, scientists would be dissecting and experimenting on them, trying to see how their powers work.

Not that I disagree with the actual message of the book. I was bullied in high school horribly, and it really messed me up. All I'm saying is that in a post-Carrie like world, nothing would be wrapped up so nicely. I'd think it'd be a pretty terrifying world.

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