I have an Android phone and I'd like to be able to read io9 without having to go through my generic phone browser because it's kind of slow. Does anyone know if there's a dedicated app for this? The only options that come up when I search for this in Google Play are apps produced by third parties which I'm always a bit leery of using.

I actually did give the one below a try, but it seems kind of limited. It doesn't always load the article pictures and I don't think it loads any of the comments (which are sometimes the best part of an article!).

If there isn't an app for this, does anyone know if io9 or Gawker Media have plans to develop one? I know there are several enormously popular sites in the Gawker stable so it seems like it would make sense for them to develop a dedicated reader app, but I'm not an expert about app creation so I have no idea about how economically feasible that would be for them.