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Is there anybody out there?

Hey, so I was actually pondering an idea for a weekly post related to something Android and geeky, today a post has come out on another site I frequent (Android related only) regarding a new game called Out There.

First up, it's a $3.99 sci-fi based Android game. So if you have any qualms about paying that much for an app for your mobile device, you should probably stop reading here. If, however, price isn't an issue and you definitely wouldn't mind something sci-fi and fun to play on your phone then check out the original article in full over at Android Police, it's called Out There Review: I've Never Been So Happy To Be So Perilously Close To Death.

I personally just bought the game, so I'll give it a play during lunch and probably edit this post to reflect my own thoughts on it. (Keeping in mind that since I won't have too much time to play the game it'll be a really quick and dirty review on it.)


If anyone is genuinely interested in a weekly write up about something Android and geek related just say so below and I'll start thinking of ideas. I know that's something that belongs over on White Noise and Hackerspace, but since some of you don't visit over there often, if at all, and I don't have posting privileges there (yet) then putting it on the Odeck will be good enough and have to do. (Besides, I've been asked by enough people to know that some of you have more than a passing interest in Android, so there should be a small audience for such posts at the moment.)

On that note, I leave you with something aptly related to the title of this post. Ladies and germs, I give you "Is There Anybody Out There?" by Pink Floyd.

UPDATE: So I played it for a bit right now during lunch. I have to be honest, the opening intro was amazing. It was honestly like watching a motion comic. I was intrigued right off the bat, the tutorial was a very much needed thing for me. I have never in my life played any RPG turn based game or anything like that. I just never found them very appealing. I like blowing shit up and driving fast, that's my kinda game. With brain teasers and puzzle ones being my favs on my mobile devices and shooters and racing games following those. What bit I did get to play I found intriguing, watching the "cut scenes" of flight and all. I will totally have to get the hang of turn based RPGs kinda quick to get further in the game, I ran out of fuel in almost no time flat. Lol. It's not my fault! I wasn't aware I had to think things through for this kind of game. Suffice it to say though I will definitely be playing this game when I get home this afternoon. I really liked the artwork, that above all stood out to me. It's visually amazing and the story, what little of it I got based on the intro, is basically a guy asleep in cryo who somehow ends up where he didn't expect to go. It's definitely a game you'll want to check out, at that price it was a no brainer for me. (I spend WAY more on other kinds of apps on a regular basis, so I'm definitely willing to pay that for a game. Even if I am hesitant to spend $13.99 on Soul Caliburrrrr! I had the chance to buy it for $6.99 when it debuted, but the number of people saying it wasn't Kit Kat compatible and that they were getting no responses from the devs made me hesitant to do so. Even if it's going to cost me now. C'est la vie.)

Final judgment: Play this game! Even if you aren't into turn based games, it's intriguing enough to definitely be worth a play. The artwork makes it worth the price alone. Definitely a game most of us here on the Odeck would be comfortable recommending to others, for the game play or science fiction aspects.

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