When the Great Kinja Switch, and the ensuing exodus occured, one of the big pushes that the blog editors made was community-sourced content being "elevated" to official Gawker content. Some of you balked at the thought of your comments becoming Gawker's assets, but we didn't see much of it in action aside from the editors bringing the writeups to the front page.

...until now.

This goes back to the Judi Dench story from a couple of days ago, about her affinity for embroidering profanity onto cushion covers in her spare time during filming. Now that the story has spread, some online publications (including Huffington Post) have, curiously, cited a Jezebel commenter's blurb on Jezebel's subforum, instead of the original interview transcript, as the source.


Normally, can you imagine a comment on a website as a source for a news bit, even for a trivial article? The implications are staggering. Is this what Nick Denton saw when he envisioned Kinja?

Update: According to our friends at Jezebel's Groupthink subforum, the Judi Dench story has hit printed media, and that a contributor's comment was quoted.