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Is This Spider-Man's New Costume?

As you might already be aware, the webslinger, the wallcrawler, the bombastic bag-man himself, Spider-Man, shall appear in Captain America: Civil War. But what, oh what, shall he wear? I mean, probably not this, but it does appear that an image has leaked (or possibly has been faked) from the D23 presentation this week. Look no further if you wish to avoid spoilers.


Huh. That certainly looks legit. And it looks somewhat similar to this concept art that had been going around a few months ago. I actually like the DIY approach, especially the goggles (not enough superheroes wear goggles).

Of course, Spider-Man may not stay in this costume:


There are other reports saying that Tony Stark may give him a completely new costume he designed.

So, what do you guys think? Real or fake? Good or not good? You decide!

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