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Is this the first case of gerry-panda-ring?

Vote furry or feathery? How do you weigh up the scales?

We’ve got local elections on Thursday (though I don’t get a vote because there is only one candidate) and a general election coming next month. (Oh joy!). As if that wasn’t enough North Wales Pioneer reports on a third electoral contest to be held. Except these critters might be worth voting for.


North Wales Mountain Zoo in Conwy is staging an animal election with seven ‘political’ parties headed up by their animal inmates. There seems to be a degree of spiecies-ism though. The predatory parties (ok, they are not all predators) are Carnivores, Wild Water, Graceful Grazers, Small and Furry, Respectable Reptiles, Feathered Friends, and Playful Primates. A prime minister of the zoo will also be elected.

According to Marketing Officer Jamie Toffrey:

“Our parties are currently developing their manifestos based on their own animal-tastic objectives.


I imagine some of the candidates will get a bit territorial over their constituency boundaries. Accusations of gerrymandering are sure to follow. If only their human counterparts were so appealing. They might not be the only beasts with a taste for the ballot box though. Isn’t H’Angus the Monkey standing again for Mayor in Hartlepool this year? (H’Angus is the mascot of Hartlepool United Football Club and in the form of one Stuart Drummond was elected as Mayor for three consecutive terms, He campaigned on a platform of free bananas for school children.)  


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