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Is this what Luke Skywalker will look like in Episode VII?

Well okay, the T-shirt/Cargo pants look might be a little too close to home for a galaxy far, far away, but this promo picture for Mark Hamill's upcoming appearance at Disney's Star Wars Weekends might just give us a hint as to Luke's looks when he appears in Episode VII.

Although it's not been confirmed the actor has begun filming on the new Star Wars movies just yet, the fact that filming is already underway - and that actors will need to be ready to film their roles and get ready for it, appearance-wise - could mean that this is what Luke will look like in the film:


Judging by the picture - taken to promote Hamill's first ever appearance at Disney World's long running annual Star Wars Weekends events, taking place June 6th-8th this year - Hamill (who appears to have also lost a pretty dramatic amount of weight for the role) looks to have grown his hair back out a little, giving us something quite similar to Luke's last appearance over 30 years ago in Return of the Jedi:

But even better seems to be something else Luke picked up from his old master Ben Kenobi... he's sporting some rather fetching facial hair now, too! Nice to see a good old fashioned 'mentor beard' for this older, wiser Luke. And not just wiser - he looks pretty fierce wielding that lightsaber! This looks like one Jedi master you don't want to cross, even if he is getting on a bit now.

I hope this really is how Mark will look in Episode VII, because he looks pretty damn badass.



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