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Is Tom Cruise finally over?

Despite the hyperbole in my question, Cruise's latest big budget vehicle, Edge of Tomorrow, has had a pretty soft domestic opening. For a film with an 178 million dollar budget, a weekend haul of about 30 million is a pretty weak showing for a futuristic action flick starring one of the world's most recognizable movie stars.

It is hard to believe a small, romantic tear-jerker like The Fault in Our Stars could demolish an incredibly well received action spectacle driven by a man whose movies have earned over 6 billion dollars worldwide, but it is happening.


The Wall Street Journal entertainment blog, Speakeasy, wonders if Tom Cruise has become a box office liability or if it is just a matter of people not turning out to the theater for original content. They argue that people may say they want new material but they only really shell out for name recognition: reboots, sequels and franchises.

So what do you think is hurting Edge of Tomorrow more? Is America done with Cruise or do they just want stuff they are familiar with?

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