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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Is Winter's Tale the new The Room?

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So thinks Daniel Walber at Film School Rejects. Says Walber:

The catastrophic, oblivious breakdown of the lofty aspirations of Winter's Tale turn it into a comedy. Not a bad drama that you can laugh at anyway, but an actual comedy. It doesn't matter whether Goldsman wants it to be that way; it simply is. And the kind of comic energy that the film possesses is exactly what makes it a perfect midnight movie. It's not unlike Hausu or The Room, actually. It's the total nonsense of its plot, characters and style that make it so hilarious. There aren't jokes in Winter's Tale so much as there are surreal incongruities that send you into peals of involuntary laughter. Its energy is so wonky and its overconfidence so misguided, that it inspires the kind of blissful, unexpected cackling that sustains you, well past the booze and the exhaustion and into the night.


One can only imagine now that Colin Farrell was horribly miscast as Peter Lake, and that the role demanded a real-life man of international mystery.

Alternative theory: The movie is all about photogenic zombies.

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