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It is hilarious watching Morning Joe try to parse Game of Thrones

You know, honestly, when the show was set to premiere I was kinda the same way. I was like, "What is this damn thing going to be about, people talking with funny accents and a thousand played out fantasy tropes?" I largely left sword and sorcery stuff back in my adolescence and although I had a pretty strong love affair with D&D, Tolkien, the Arthurian legends, and Conan, none of that nostalgia was going to make me watch the show. I think what many people cannot even begin to see looking from the outside in on GOT is how subverted the fantastic elements are for the sake of focusing on very adult themes of political skullduggery and brilliant character-driven plotting. The high fantasy may be kicking in now but the intrigue that drives the show transcends the realm of mere nerd obsession. This is why it has crossed over so huge. The folks at Morning Joe only see gnomes and elves and all those surface elements which could understandably be a turn off to some. Someone should explain to them it is more akin to House of Cards with dragons.


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