Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

It lives! Thanks Kinja!

After a couple hours of downtime it appears we're back! So I need to come up with a conversation starter. Something that will cause debate. OK. What show wrote itself into the smallest corner by elevating "super powers?"

My nomination has to start with the anime Prince of Tennis. After about 4 or 5 matches of increasing difficulty the line between possible and impossible was crossed. Eventually they talk about unlocking doors/gates and just flat out get to being super powers to where the show/manga got cancelled.


After that I have to go with Dragonball. DBGT had to start by taking powers away from Goku to make it "entertaining" except that story was so awful that when Funimation got their hands on it they didn't even bother telling that story.

Finally I have to nominate Chuck. They decided they didn't want to get too crazy with the super powers they ruined the show by taking all of Chuck's powers as the intersect away from him and made him an actual spy. That ruined the foundation of the entire show and the last couple of seasons were just crap.

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