This week the seven remaining Face Off contestants must create freak show characters. I wonder how many of them saw the last season of American Horror Story? (One of the contestants does have a lobster boy.) Results ahead.

We get a Foundation Challenge this week. It’s a tribal warrior body and face painting challenge with guest judge makeup artist Robin Mathews who won and Oscar for her work on Dallas Buyers Club. Scott makes a cracked clay look that wins the challenge and immunity this week for him.

Then it’s off to the Spotlight Challenge. The contestants spin the wheel to get the circus sideshow attraction they’ll be working on. As is often the case, the character choices aren’t equally challenging. The winner had a choice that was relatively easy to visualize while the eliminated Bottom Look had one that even the best of the contestants would probably have had trouble making an acceptable look for the judges.


We’re down to few enough contestants that I can show everyone’s work with a reasonable number of images. Scott’s Twisted Tom, Stevie’s Icicle Irma and Jordan’s Elephant Lady are safe looks this week.


Nora once again has trouble nailing the look she wanted but once she did Nora makes her Lobster Larry (above) into a Top Look. Except that Glenn says when announcing the winner that there was only one Top Look, Ben’s Human Peacock (top image). Personally I wasn’t that into Ben’s design but I get why the judges like it. Ben makes up for his poor performance last week.


At the other end Evan’s Moon Girl and Meg’s Inside-Out Oscar are Bottom Looks. Evan mixed two concepts - acne and meteor fragment - that didn’t gel together. Meg is in over her head with the inside-out concept and ends up with someone with skin falling off. Her weakness in anatomy (something the judges really look for) and all around poor execution sends her home.

As I mentioned above, Inside-Out Oscar was a tough concept. I think few contestants could have done better than a safe look especially when other concepts were much easier to bring to life like the Human Peacock. But part of the show is the contestants dealing with tough breaks and still pulling off something that’s at least safe for the week.

You can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here.