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It’s a Showdown in the Weird West on This Week’s Face Off

It's the penultimate episode of Season 8 and the four remaining contestants compete for the three spots in the finale. The challenge is to create a classic Western character that is also a cyborg. Which contestants go full steam ahead to the finale and who is headed for Boot Hill? Results ahead.


Glenn joins McKenzie to introduce the challenge. To be honest, I'm not sure which one of them would distract me more if I was at the table playing poker with them. Anyway Glenn explains what he's looking for as steampunk aesthetic. He is very clear about everything looking like it has a purpose - "It must look like it works." The nature of the challenge means plenty of fabrication which none of the remaining contestants are experts in.

Three of the four contestants are on Laura's team so she'll be represented in the finale no matter what. But Rayce only has one team member left so he has more pressure to get the best out of Logan. Laura is laid back and casual with her team while Rayce is visibly stressing a bit over Logan's work.

Emily is focused on the chest of her undertaker on the first day but Michael Westmore reminds her that the face is what the judges will focus on. She's stressed but works through it. When her face doesn't go on the model quite the way she wants Emily adjusts on the fly to a more stylized look that wins over the judges. She wins the challenge and is the first finalist.


Darla struggles for a while with a concept for her blacksmith. A weak concept is usually bad news for a contestant but she comes up with a chest forge idea. I don't know if I was the only one who immediately thought of Iron Man's Arc Reactor but I was a little surprised no one on the show mentioned the similarity. The judges like her clean application and the sweat in the make-up. Darla gets the second finale spot.


Logan benefits from having Rayce's undivided attention. Rayce is right about the time Logan would have to spend working on nice "hoots" for his barmaid and later shows him some fabrication tips. The blending of the edges of his pieces is rough and almost enough to get him eliminated. But he gets the third and final spot for the finale.


I don't think Julian's bank robber was that bad overall but it is a case of who was the least good as opposed to who had bad work. This is one of his better efforts and he has some good ideas. But it wasn't good enough and Julian is eliminated.


I've been Team Laura since the champions were announced but Logan has a real shot at winning this season. We'll see next week but feel free to make your predictions.

You can see galleries of this week's designs, past works of the champions and previous seasons here.

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