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It’s All About Family on Vikings

This week’s episode of Vikings, "Trial", picks up right where the last episode ended. Spoilers ahead.

After the battle on the beach that ended last week’s episode, Ragnar and his band head to a nearby town. Ragnar waits until he hears the Sunday church bells to raid the town, so that most of the townspeople will be at church and unarmed. The raid goes will except for one hiccup. Knut, the Earl’s spy, tries to rape one of the local women and is stopped by Ragnar’s wife, the shield maiden Lagertha. Knut tries to rape Lagertha but she’s having none of that and kills him. Meanwhile, the local king has sent his forces to the beach to defeat the invaders. After another bloody battle, the Vikings prevail then sail back home.


The Earl confronts Ragnar about Canute. Ragnar says he killed Knut for trying to rape his wife. The Earl has him arrested for murder. We get the titular trial of Ragnar. The Earl reveals that Knut was his illegitimate half brother. Ragnar repeats that he killed Knut and why. Lagertha tells the Earl that she killed Knut because he tried to rape her but since she’s just a woman no one believes her. Ragnar’s brother Rollo steps forward as a witness. He’s been meeting secretly with the Earl so maybe he’ll sell out his brother? Nope, he backs up his brother’s story and Ragnar is set free.

Viking drinking time ensues until some party crashers (the Earl’s men?) enter and then it’s axe swinging time.

The episode ends with some pieces being put in place for next week. The Earl visits a seer and Ragnar broods.


Ragnar is willing to take the rap for Knut’s murder to protect his wife. Lagertha speaks up at the trial to protect her husband when it looks like he may be found guilty. Rollo does his brother a solid despite being tempted by the Earl. Speaking of the Earl, it’s doubtful he felt any sorrow over his half brother, but the brother angle helps his case against Ragnar so he uses it.

And just why did Rollo help Ragnar? He tells Lagertha he did it for her. Yup, he covets his brother’s wife. She is kinda awesome so I can understand that. But I doubt that's going to end well.


Meanwhile, the monk Athelstan is settling into his new role. But I don’t think he’s quite ready to join that threesome with Ragnar and Lagertha yet.


I’m not an expert on the Vikings so I can’t speak to the historical accuracy of the show. But I’d rather be watching this on the History Channel than, say, Gardening Secrets of Nostradamus.

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