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On this week's Face Off the nine remaining contestants are tasked by horror master Clive Barker to create horror villains based on avant-garde fashion outfits. Anna Wintour might not approve but she's not one of the judges. Clive Barker's right hand man is. Results ahead.


Julian (above left) and Kelly (top image) both make what the judges (including Mark Allen Miller, co-head of Clive Barker's production company) consider Clive Barkerish designs. Emily (above right) again tries something ambitious but it's not really in a Clive Barker vein.

Ben's design best incorporates the fashion into the make-up. He racks up his second win.


Stephanie (above left) spends all of first day trying to nail down a concept and is behind everyone else when she starts sculpting on Day 2. Her result is bland and generic. She catches a huge break when Jamie (above right) is eliminated instead for her poorly executed design.

Assorted thoughts:

  • To be honest, I think Stephanie should have been eliminated for her weak concept and execution even though she can do great work when things are clicking for her. Or if the judges had a save this season then this would have been the time to use it since Jaime is also a decent artist having a bad week.
  • Kelly makes the best faces.

You can see galleries of this week's designs, past works of the champions and previous seasons here.

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